Easy Rewards

Easy Reward System is a retail loyalty program that helps a company to achieve long-term and profitable customer relationships. The system is ideal for FB industry and retail store and for operators of shopping malls or campaign organisers.
Key benefits of using the system include the following:
1. Increase sales from customers or shoppers
2. Retain existing customers
3. Attract new customers or recover lost customers
4. Up-selling and cross-selling
5. Facilitate closer communication with customers
Conventional retail loyalty programs reward customers for buying more with loyalty points that are redeemable against future purchases. Often the information on customers: purchases is not easily accessible by customers and the company. Customers are also bombarded with offers and promotions that they do not necessarily be interested in.
Easy Reward System goes beyond rewarding customers who buy more. It improves customers experience by providing real-time information on their loyalty points and entice them with relevant promotions or offers.
The process of enrolling into the loyalty program is made much easier. A customer need only provide name, identity card number or phone number, and email address. Once enrolled, a customer can access online the information regarding balance of loyalty points, look up promotions or offers that they are interested in and make redemptionsat any time.
Companies can also generate sales reports at real-time to help them increase sales, up-sell or cross-sell.These reports identify their top customers purchases, loyal customers, loyalty points earned and redeemed by each customer. Purchasescan be further broken down by items that are frequently bought. This information helps the company direct their promotions and offers that are more targeted to each customers preferences. Lost customers can also be identified and appropriate promotions can be directed to win them back.
Easy Reward System can be modified to help organisers or mall operators manage successful campaigns. For example, shoppers or visitors at an IT show can accumulate or redeem reward points at any exhibitors booths without fuss.
Going further, Easy Reward System can be developed to incentivize customers to provide referrals. Each referral who make purchases will entitle the customer to additional reward points. The referral will enjoy the usual loyalty points.
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