Sell Well POS

The POS-SW is designed to help F&:B operators and retail outlets overcome two major issues. The first is customer service levels. The second is employees cheating the company.
The first issue concerns F&:B operators who use conventional POS Systems often face complaints about customer service. Often customers who placed orders complained of poor service when early customers are not being served first.
With POS-SW at an F&:B outlet, customers orders, when entered, are automatically placed on a queue while being tallied and triggered at the kitchen. Each order has two tickets one record the order and the other record the queue number. Once the orders are ready, the order with the early queue number will be served first to the customer in front of the queue. Customers waiting time is reduced and customer satisfaction is raised.
The second issue concerns cheating employees. At F&:B outlets, employeesoften find it easy to defraud the company by cancelling an order that has been served and then pocket the amount paid. The problem arise because the company lack the means to track orders from customers that are served but cancelled by an employee. The payment made for the cancelled orders, when accumulated, represent a significant loss to the company.
POS-SW is designed with an additional feature that triggers an email to the supervisor or owner of the F&:B outlet should an order is cancelled. The email reports the date, time and amount of the cancelled order. With a CCTV suitably positioned to record the transactions at the POS System, employees who cheated will be tracked and identified. POS-SW therefore saves time and money for F&:B operators and for retail outlets.