Our Commitment

100% Customer Satisfaction Guarantee

In order to serve our valued customer better, our company has put together a Post Sales Package that will provide you with value-added service throughout the maintenance contract of your Fuji Xerox equipment.

We Provide

  • Post Integration Check

    Fortnightly check will be conducted for the first month to ensure our Fuji Xerox Equipment integrates well into the network.

  • Guaranteed 2-3 Hours Response Time

    Fuji Xerox Singapore & Y-wa Business Solution commit to provide average 2-3 hours for any Service / Repair Calls received before 1500hrs during weekdays and 1030hrs during Saturday.

  • Monthly Preventive Maintenance

    Our Service Engineer will be arranged for general servicing and checking on the equipment.

  • For Overhaul Action

    In the case of an unresolvable fault that Fuji Xerox Singapore & Y-wa Business Solution need to pull back your machine for servicing / overhaul, we will replace you with another temporary support unit so as to provide you with a smooth operation.

  • Relocation of Fuji Xerox Equipment

    Free relocation service to new office premises can be arranged with your Account Manager.

  • Configuration of New/Add PC to Fuji Xerox Equipment

    Configuration of New/Add PC can be arranged with your Account Manager without cost.

  • Additional Training Session on Equipment

    Further training session can be arranged for new personnel in your company. Fuji Xerox Singapore & Y-wa Business Solution are always committed to provide excellent services so that customer will experienced a good business relation with us.

Financing Schemes

Flexible and Affordable Installment Plan

  • Hire Purchase / Rental
  • Finance Lease for copiers, printers

For more details please drop us an email.

Advantages of Financing

Fortnightly check will be conducted for the first month to ensure our Fuji Xerox Equipment integrates well into the network.

  • Conserves Working Captial
    • Does not have to tie up capital in low-yield fixed assets.
    • Can channel these funds in more productive activities.
    • Leasing or renting a copier requires only minimum cash outlay and thereby enables you to acquire the use of the necessary equipment even if you are on tight budget.
    • With GST, this advantage of rental will be felt greater as any outright purchase of copiers requires an additional 5% of cash price equipmen t.
    • Hire Purchase: Hirer has to capitalise the equipment.
    • Full cash price of the asset is charged to Hirer's fixed assets account.
    • The fixed asset will depreciate and charge to the profit/loss account as provision of depreciation expense.
    • Interest payments are charged to the profit/loss account as and when these become due and payable.
    • Finance Lease: Treatment same as Hire Purchase.
    • However, if the financed amount is significantly small (less than 5%-10% of Lessee's total assets), you may choose not to capitalise the equipment, thus leasing may mean a simplified entry in the customer's books. You do not have to apply various depreciation rates to a wide range of fixed assets.
    • Hire Purchase: Claims Capital Allowance on the cash price of the asset.
    • Lease: Deductible Rental Expense on taxable profits.
    • Replace outdated equipment thus maintaining efficiency.
    • Lessing of Inflationary Effect (paying less in real term compared to outright purchase of a copier)
    • Preserves Credit Position as lease commitments do not appear as a liability on the balance sheet.