Intelledox Infiniti

One million customers around the world can’t be wrong. Intelledox Infiniti is an intelligent customer communication platform that makes it so much easier for businesses to engage with customers using a process that’s versatile, efficient and secure.

Built using the latest Microsoft technologies, Intelledox Infiniti is a reliable product that simply makes better sense. It’s designed to integrate seamlessly with your existing systems, greatly saving you time, hassleand money getting it to start working for you. In return, enjoy you big leaps in productivity, accuracy and compliance, while cutting costs in producing documents and templates.

This world-class, industry-leading product works equally well on mobile and cloud. Get cracking with Intelledox Infiniti, and you get to do more with less and for less, and see concrete returns on your investment in just a matter of weeks!

Intelledox Infiniti is a highly efficient and flexible product that can be configured to suit each individual organization’s specific work process and demands. With this one smart investment, you get to enjoy a whole host of benefits:

  • Database integration can result in 100% reduction in manual data entry
  • Improved communication and engagement with customers
  • Higher productivity
  • Better compliance with regulatory and corporate demands
  • Increased accountability
  • Enhanced collection and management of data
  • Minimal training and reduced dependence on IT expertise
  • Easy-to-use whether for documents or forms
  • Reduce manual work for greater efficiency
  • Seamless integration with 60 common business applications
  • Wizard-driven: It’s so easy anyone can do it! With the drag-and-drop wizard, even those with little technical experience can create and maintain sophisticated templates and content.
  • Smart web forms: This is the smart way to collect and use data. No special IT training is necessary for anyone to create and handle smart web forms, so say goodbye to costly developers.
  • Centralized management: This makes installation and upgrading easy and hassle-free. It also means internal users can freely collaborate on projects, while external users can conveniently access and upload information.
  • Seamless integration: Intelledox Infiniti integrates seamlessly with any existing business or CRM system you are using, making it a highly efficient way to add powerful capabilities to your business process.
  • Permission-driven: A permission driven system guarantees your content remain absolutely secure – only authorized eyes will ever get to see them.
  • Scalable: With a high degree of scalability, Intelledox Infiniti is built to meet the needs of any kind of business.
  • Reporting and rules engine: With its advanced data-mining technologies, Intelledox Infiniti allows you to enjoy valuable insight into document generation and communication processes.
  • Multi-format output: You can generate e-mail messages with complete contact information, or choose to output information in automated document formats such as XML, PDF, XLS, DOC, PPT, RTF and OpenDoc.
  • Multi-channel delivery: Route documents to a print queue, e-mail, fax, XML or e-mail gateway for mass printing or electronic fulfillment, or for storage in Microsoft SharePoint, Documentum, HP/TRIM or Open Text Livelink.
  • Built with Microsoft technologies: Infiniti’s performance and reliability is equal to the world-class Microsoft technologies that it’s built on, including .NET framework, Internet Information Server (IIS) and Microsoft SQL Server (including SQL Server 2012).
  • Metadata: With Metadata available, archiving, retrieving and preserving content is so much easier. Metadata is also attached to documents to make it easier to categorize, index, store, search and retrieve data.
  • Multi-lingual web interface: To suit the global business environment, Intelledox Infiniti is currently available in 10 languages.

Poorly-managed workflow systems can affect a business’s reputation, brand, productivity and compliance with the law. Common difficulties include creating multiple copies of a single document, using out-of-date templates and making errors during data entry.

By facilitating the forwarding of information from one person to another colleague or department for approval, Infiniti helps to boost document resilience and compliance.

Document automation makes it easier to produce and distribute effective customer communications.

It streamlines business processes, establishes order, reduces human error, allows for the central management of common content and enforces business branding such as logos and layouts.