SkyDesk CRM

A wide range of business applications focused on increasing business productivity. All customers data and history can be managed centrally via the cloud with defined workflow. This allows for effective management and support of sales activities, improving sales probability and customer retention.

The key to increasing sales and expanding your business lies in how effectively customers are managed. With a centralized customer database, you will be able to ensure data integrity (reduce redundancy), provide better customer support and generate new business opportunities through detailed records of purchasing history. Are you satisfied with your current customer management process?

Capture/register leads

In SkyDesk, there are multiple ways to capture/register leads information. You can register directly by creating a new lead in the system, import from existing database via excel spreadsheets, import from SkyDesk Cards, or capture via web forms.

SkyDesk also enables you to manage and track the effectiveness of your marketing campaigns. With the data gathered, you can improve on your strategies and plans

Leads approach

With the lead information gathered, the next step is to contact the leads. SkyDesk CRM automates your sales process with clearly defined workflow rules.

These rules automate the process of sending emails, triggering alerts and reminders, assigning tasks for leads follow up, updating fields of a record and many more. Thus, you no longer need to worry about missing out on business.

Managing potential customers

Most potential customers need to be nurtured through the sales cycle, which typically starts with identifying the hot prospects and ends with updating prospects status being won or lost.

SkyDesk CRM allows you to manage the potentials at every stage of the sales pipeline, recording crucial information such as potential sales volume, sales probability, sales status, competitors details and reasons for winning or losing the deal.

With well recorded sales history, transactions, and interactions with the customers, up-selling and cross-selling opportunities can be easily identified. Sales forecast for next quarter/year sales can be set with priorities well in place.

Post-sales follow up

Quality post-sales support is critical in ensuring high customer satisfaction level, which in turn generates more revenue with recurring sales and higher possibility of securing new businesses in the future.

With SkyDesk CRM, you will be able to execute timely post-sales follow up with alerts and reminders. Customer support and service management features are provided through workflow rules, and easy to deploy Web-to-case forms for capturing customer-specific cases online.

You will be able to respond to customer requests/cases quicker and provide consistent solutions.

  • Web forms: Generate and capture data through web forms.
  • Data details: Manage all customer related details such as contacts information, company details, activities, documents and history.
  • Reports: Create reports according to your analysis needs.
  • Dashboards: Create variety of charts which gives real-time snapshot of your organization’s key metrics.

SkyDesk Cards is an online business cards management system that enables digitizing and sharing of cards information. These information can be exported to SkyDesk CRM.