Working Folder

Technology is transforming business processes. The demand for instant access to information and instant collaboration across numerous devices means anything that can be digitised will be digitised.

Respond to this demand quickly, affordably and securely with the innovative Working Folder service from Fuji Xerox Cloud Solutions.

Whether providing access to stored material, collaborating on documents or capturing and instantly digitising inbound paper transmissions such as faxes, Working Folder is an effective, affordable and secure way to transform analogue paper processes into the digital era.

  • Viewing, editing, moving and deleting documents on the go to enhance mobile productivity levels
  • Batch file upload or download from anywhere
  • Sharing large files and presentations between users without email attachments
  • Setting access read/write or read only rights for various users
  • Scan and print directly to and from the Cloud
  • Receive, automatically digitise and route inbound paper transmissions such as faxes to Working Folder for anywhere, anytime access

Advance Your Business Processes

The way we work has shifted. Give your business processes the agility and flexibility they need with Working Folder and benefit from:

Document management capability

  • Affordable and quick entry-level document management capability
  • Instantly digitise and access documents for archival and retrieval
  • Integrate with existing mobility workflow for enhanced productivity


  • Round-the-clock employee access to updated and dynamic company information
  • Convert data between paper and digital data and vice versa
  • Boost mobile intelligence, productivity and performance


  • Connect internal and external user collaboration
  • Private and public folders for individual or shared workgroup styles
  • Share files and information dynamically in the Cloud


  • Secure against unauthorised access with firewall feature
  • Protect against fraud with data encryption
  • Controlled access with multi-access login rights
  • Data backup and disaster recovery

Fuji Xerox understands the migration from analogue paper processes to digital paper processes better than just about any other company. It’s what we do. That’s why Fuji Xerox is so well positioned to help you with the next page of the journey; migrating your paper and digital document processes into the cloud.

  • Plan your migration from analogue to digital documentation
  • Leverage existing storage and backup infrastructure more effectively
  • Give your workforce the ability to rapidly collaborate on key documentation
  • Tighten security protocols without stifling mobile productivity
  • Improve the leanness of your IT operation